Money Pit (1986)

Genre: comedy

Starring: Tom Hanks, Shelley Long, Alexander Godunov

Directed by: Richard Benjamin

Script: David Giller

A loving New York couple is suddenly forced to move out of their place and find a new home. Knowing that it's almost impossible to find any means of housing in the city, they decide to buy a mantion outside the town. But what seems like an occasion of a life time, with time proves that it's definitely worth the little amount of money they've paid for it... or that it's worth even less. They decide to put their money into it and turn it into their dream house anyway... but will their love and relationship withstand their never ending problems? And so... will the house still stand after that? ;)


Yes and No, depending on what kind of mood do You seek to get by watching the comedy.
It's pretty much sweet actually, with it's beninning, and the ending... but I do believe that the comedy's main purpose IS to give laughs and good vibrationso, make us all feel better.

So some of You might be surprised that most of the movie is pure humiliation.

Being a person who experienced lots of problems with housing already, this is definitely not the thing I seek to watch.

As I would simply like to forget about those problems, even if Tom Hanks got into a whole bunch of bigger ones himself. It simply still reminds of hell I went trough myself.

And I was actually kind of worried during it's screening, because everyrthing in it was about disaster,
Luckily it becomes lighter with time, it doesn't go all they way into hell, like some other movies of this type ( like "Duplex" with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore ).

And the ending is very heartwarming, with charming theme song and all the rest.
So I did manage to get some good vibrations out of it anyway.

And to be honest... despite it's "dark" story... it's a really well made movie. Shelley Long is charming and beautiful and works well with Tom Hanks, who's great in his performance as well. Same with directing, cinematography, montage, and costumes.

And of course, it's a very 80s movie.

To sum up, it's a very well made movie, that might disturb some people like me, bt it's still very funny as well, and if You don't have any problems with heroes getting humiliated for most of the scenes in some creepy ways, then You gonna enjoy it even more.

Take care!


PS. And here, to give You some good vibrations after reading this post, and to give You a small teaser of the movie, is it's heartwarming theme song: